Write to heal - Workshop

Mental health care is a luxury for most (QTI)BiPOC - thus I  wanted to share my tools and methods of journaling to help to start the community heal.

What is the WTH-Workshop?

Write to Heal 

(feel - reflect - process - best case start to heal)
Journaling - Workshops

Journaling can be a form of creative autobiographic and/or fictive writing - in the WTH-Workshops the focus is set on processing personal experiences, overcoming internalised blockages and aims to strengthen the relationship with our selves


Together a safer and braver space is being created that allows to deep dive into of our inner feelings; self reflection is key to revealing depths and practices are shared to  keeping up the journaling practice at home.

I have various concepts for different WTH- workshops with different focuses on self reflection, healing-journeys and (creative)writing, so that everyone will leave the workshop with the tools at hand that they desire. 

These tools help to write down emotions of our everyday life will make it easier to process the emotional baggage we oftentimes just carry around with ourselves.

In other words - these journaling methods are helping to start feeling, reflecting processing and healing us - collectively. 


We usually get into very warm, understanding and meaningful conversations about ourselves. Nobody has to share what is being written in the workshop - anyone is welcome tho to share anything they like in the space we’re creating together.

This workshop is dedicated to create a safer space for (QTI)BIPOCs - so oftentimes we’ll talk about what it means to be an ‚Individual of color‘ in this mainly white society.. 

The workshop can be facilitated in both German and English

Regularly one workshop session will take up to 3 - 5 hours.

This depends on the level of intensity that’s chosen. A 30min break to chat and bond within the group is always included. 

Attendee’s are encouraged to either bring their own journals or notebooks or the facilitator provides them.


In the past two years the workshop has happend in plenty of different spaces and received a lot of positive feedback. 

Contré le racisme-Festival
Uni Bielefeld,

Tedx Youth,

VHS Mitte,
5 x 2024

2 x 2022
1 x 2023

School of Glimmers, Bremen


WTH in NYC, Brooklyn,

GLADT. e.V.,
1 x 2023
5 x 2024

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